Description of specialization

What does the laryngologist do?

Otolaryngologists (head and neck surgeons) employed at the NOVA Clinic, are specialists in the field of ear, nose, throat and larynx. Also, they deal with the diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of labyrinthine origin, hearing problems and tinnitus, salivary gland disorders, diseases of the paranasal sinuses, sleep apnea in children and adults. In addition, doctors working in the laryngological office hold ENT consultations for people working in noise and at height, perform ENT check-ups for drivers and candidates for drivers, preventive check-ups for teachers, ENT consultations commissioned by other physicians. They determine the indications for surgical treatment of patients and deal with oncology diagnostics in the head and neck area.

How does a laryngological consultation look like?

During the consultation we use modern, specialized equipment (laryngological unit is equipped with a TV circuit and diagnostic endoscopes), so that the patient has the opportunity to participate actively in the process of diagnosing. At the request of the doctor, patient performs additional tests: imaging (CT, MRI, ultrasound), laboratory, microbiology, audiological and others, the results of which are analyzed during the next visit. Because diseases and distortions of ear, nose, throat and larynx rarely occur as isolated, NOVA Clinic ensures the presence of other professionals, supporting interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of ENT, so that our service is comprehensive and meets Your expectations.

Who should undergo laryngological examination, especially for the presence of head and neck cancers? 

Prevention and oncological vigilance is the primary responsibility of laryngologist. Head and neck cancer is a general term for all tumors located in the head and neck (except the brain), and it is currently the 6th most common cancer occuring in Poland. The risk of disease increases in both sexes with age. Cancer diagnosed at an early stage, can be effectively treated. Combination therapy provides life extension and avoids permanent disability.

To undergo examinations, we encourage especially people in risk groups (family history, addictions, infection with HPV), who noticed one of the following symptoms lasting for more than three weeks: 

  • soreness on tongue, untreated mouth ulcers and / or red or white patches in the mouth and on the tongue
  • throat pain radiating to ear
  • persistent hoarseness, without evidence of acute respiratory infection
  • painful/difficulty swallowing
  • tumor / neck lump
  • nasal congestion (especially unilateral) and / or nosebleed

What kinds of laryngological treatments are performed in NOVA Clinic?

Currently, in the clinic we carry out several variants of surgical procedures on children, associated with the pathology of adenoids, tonsils and symptoms of otitis media. We perform them in the modern operating room and we use modern equipment including operating microscope, that enables precise application of middle ear ventilation and drainage tubes. The care of the young patients during and after surgery, is provided by a group of experienced professionals, doctors and nurses.

Aforementioned treatments are not reimbursed by the NFZ (National Health Fund).

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