Gynecological treatments


Description of specialization

What does the gynecologist do?

The gynecologist is a doctor dealing with the prevention and treatment of the female reproductive system.

When should you go to the gynecologist?

Every woman should be examined systematically by a gynecologist.

  • Women who are planning sexual initiation, are sexually active, and women after menopause.
  • Women whose mother, grandmother, aunt or sister suffered from reproductive system cancer (breast cancer, cervical cancer).
  • Women who are, or are planning to get pregnant.
  • Women who are having trouble getting pregnant, with menstrual disorders

What kind of disorders does a gynecologist treat?

Any woman who has had the following symptoms should report herself to a gynecologist at the Nova Clinic:

  • menstrual disorders (menstrual cycles shorter or longer than 28 days, too abundant or scanty bleeding, and if the pain makes it difficult to function in daily life, these are indications for a visit)
  • inflammation of the vagina – vaginitis (symptoms such as itching, burning, painful intercourse and the foul odor of mucus suggest an infection and should be diagnosed and treated by an experienced gynecologist)
  • contraception (at Nova Clinic, gynecologist, after an interview and examination of the patient, together with The Patient, chooses the best and safest form of contraception for Her)
  • infertility (couples planning for a baby and trying to conceive should report themselves to the Nova Clinic, because we have an experienced team (gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist), who will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of couples who have fertility problems.
  • women's reproductive system cancers (breast cancer and cervical cancer are among the most common killers of women, and together we can prevent this through systematic visits to the gynecologist, because an early detection of symptoms and signs gives a great chance of recovery. Obviously, Nova Clinic cooperates with oncologists, who specialize in the treatment of cancers in leading medical centers)
  • obstetrics (pregnant woman should regularly pay a visit to the gynecologist, because through performing complex examinations – both, biochemical (blood tests) and graphic (ultrasound – shows how the child is developing in the womb)



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A visit to the gynecologist, step by step:

  1. A detailed medical history that includes: the symptoms with which the patient reports, gathering information on the menstrual cycle, a history of risk factors that may predispose to the occurrence of gynecological diseases, sexual activity
  2. Breast examination and instruction for professional Breast Self-Exam, that the patient can perform on her own
  3. Gynaecological examination – gentle speculum examination and when there are indications to perform cytological examination which are painless and help in the detection of an early-stage cervical cancer (early detected signs and symptoms of a disease increase the probability of cure)
  4. Running laboratory tests and ultrasound, and referral to other check-ups that the doctor deems necessary (mammography)

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