Description of specialization

What does the orthopaedist do?

Orthopaedist is a specialist dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, both congenital defects and acquired during traumas. There may be damaged both, bones and ligaments included in the joint (eg. Cruciate ligaments in the knee joint).

How does the orthopedic diagnosis work?

During the visit an orthopaedist gathers precise information concerning the symptoms and signs reported by the patient. Then the doctor examines the motor functions of the locomotor system. During an orthopedic diagnosis incredibly important is the value of the graphic techniques, starting from the classic X-ray and ending with the magnetic resonance. Way of the diagnosis and treatment is decided by the doctor and the patient together, they jointly choose a personalized path to recovery.

What treatments do orthopaedists perform at the Nova Clinic?

The most commonly performed surgery is knee arthroscopy and the reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament. Cruciate ligaments play a very important role in the process of the stabilization of the movements of the knee.

Standard arthroscopy in modern orthopedics

Arthroscopy is a procedure involving the execution of small incisions around the joint and insertion, of specially created tools, to the knee. Patient is anesthetized by an anesthesiologist, so the procedure is completely painless. During the procedure, the course of the operation is visible on the screen, by that, minimizing joint damage and the patient recovers much faster. In this way, in the Nova Clinic, during one day we admit, operate and discharge the Patient.


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When should you visit the orthopedist?

  • With every newborn who, right after birth, hasn't had hip ultrasound made
  • Backaches
  • Bone or joint pains
  • After injuries
  • Movement disorders
  • People with osteoporosis
  • People suffering from collagen disease

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