Ophthalmic Treatments

Description of specialization

What does the ophthalmologist do?

Ophthalmologist is a specialist, whose tasks include diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and distortions. It requires a close collaboration between patient and the doctor. Many diseases are asymptomatic, mainly in the beginning, and the first symptoms are often ignored by patients or overlooked.
That is why, prevention and regular check-ups, as well as a good doctor-patient relationship are so important.

Over the years, our eyesight deteriorates, in addition, intense work on the computer, to which more and more of us are exposed, lifestyle changes and the development of civilization may accelerate disadvantageous scenario.
But we have good news! Good news is that we can prevent this! - By regular visits!

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Who, and how often, should undergo medical check-ups?

Vision defects occur in each sex and of any age so we have to assume that if there is no indication for more frequent visits, examinations should be should be carried out regularly every two years. People suffering from:
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Glaucoma

If they are not under constant supervision of an ophthalmologist, they should necessarily report to a check-up.

Ophthalmic treatments

  • Cataract surgery
  • Intravitreal Avastin therapy

In Nova Clinic we will comprehensively take care of your eyesight. The whole process from diagnosis to the treatment is carried out by our experienced specialists. At each stage of treatment, we use modern equipment that helps us to take care of your eyes with due diligence.



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